SGCH Brownstone Farm Anna Nicole-R

DOB: 2/20/2007
2010 LA score 03-03 VEEE 87
2012 LA score 05-03 VEEE 91 --Excellent in rear legs, back, & rump


Sire: Cherrypines Jolly Rancher
SS: Cherrypines Singing Bob
4 Champion offspring
SD: Cherrypines Milk Dud

Dam: Briar-Bay W Please Adore Me
DS: Mc Quitty Farm WMV Wahoo
DD: Briar-Bay IA Clinque

Anna Nicole is a farm fixture. She is large, powerful, and demands respect. And she gets it from all her barn mates. They see to it that she has her space. She is a delight to milk and extremely productive and at the same time maintaining a tight, snug mammary.



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