Brownstone Lots A Bling

DOB: 3/11/2013

LA Score 2014 VVVV 86

Sire: Old English Whitelightning
SS: Cherrypines Stand Out
SD: SGCH Old English Tilly 3*M
       LA Final Score EEEE 92

Dam: Briar-Bay LSF Sparkle Magic
DS: Loughlin’s Lone Star Fox
DD: SGCH Briar-Bay RTB Elfin Magic
      LA Final Score EEEE 92


Both Tilly and Elfin are scoring well in Linear Appraisal with a final score of EEEE 92 for each doe!!!!!!!! Hopefully Bling will follow in their footsteps.. No picture is available of Bling as she freshened late and her dam, Sparkle sold early on, so again no photo available. We are really looking forward to Bling’s 2nd freshening in 2015.

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