Kapra Vista Sarrano Warrior



Sire: Kapra Vista Constant Sarrano
SS: Hy-Crest Countess Constantine
SD: Kapra Vista Marquis Sara-Sarah FS VEEE 91

Dam: SG Kapra Vista Tsaesar P Whitley 4*M
    LA 2 yr. 91 VEEE…….
    LA 5 yr. 92 EEEE
    Top 10 2006 3-00 268 4413
    Top 10 2008 5-02 306 3705
DS: +*B SG Kapra Vista Marquis Tsaesar
DSS: +*B Lake Country Caesar Marquis
DD: SG Kapra Vista Special Powder 3*M
    91 VEEE
Warrior will join the Briar Bay and Brownstone Farm of saanens for the fall of 2014. Prior to leaving Wisconsin as a young buck, he sired a few offspring. But for the past years here in Texas, he has had no recorded offspring as he was in a dairy atmosphere. He will preside at Brownstone Farm in the beginning of the breeding season.

SG Kapra Vista Tsaesar P Whitley 4*M
Photo courtesy of Jeanette Haass




























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